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<bgsound src="sonata.mid" loop=infinite>  101 Best Biz to Start
101 Best Businesses to Start

by Sharon Kahn, Philip Life Group. Which of the 101 best businesses to start will launch your success story? Business brokering, renting executive suites, wholesale crafts, grocery-shopping service, image consulting, catering, party rentals, security alarms, trade shows or one of the 92 other exciting ventures. This book will help you come up with the right idea for a business to meet your personal needs. Every entry in this book leads off with high and low start-up capital requirements. 562 pages. Doubleday, 1988. 24 hours. P600.00.ISBN# 0-385-24180-1.

 36 Small Business Mistakes  36 Small Business Mistakes - and How to Avoid Them

by Mark Stevens. Turn the tables on 36 common but costly mistakes with this money-making guide for the small business owner. With step-by-step solutions to even the most difficult problems, this guide turns unrealized profit-drainers into substantial income boosters. This book will serve as your guide through the myriad of dangers that threaten novice and seasoned enterpreneurs alike. The secret is to learn from the mistakes of others. By avoiding this mistakes, youíll move through an accelerated process of dynamic business growth. 191 pages. Parker Publishing Company , reward edition 1986. P189.50. ISBN# 0-13-91-918920-3

Marketing your Services for People Who Hate to Sell

by Rick Crandall. No matter what the size of the business, this book offers more than 1,000 practical tips that will make an effective marketer out of anyone who wants to serve customers better. From networking to offering free seminars, from publishing a newsletter to issuing a press release, Rick Crandall can pump up any marketing plan to attain real results. Each chapter offers specific examples, dozens of ideas and an action agenda of things you can do right now to get started. 308 pages. Contemporary Books. P455.00. ISBN# 0-8092-3157-3.

Marketing Toolkit
by Nick Robinson. A do-it yourself guide to getting your advertising, sales promotion and direct mailing right. Nick Robinson's Marketing Toolkit is an encyclopedia of more tha 1000 fresh, tested marketing ideas to improve your business success and create profitable sales. This practical book covers all aspects of advertising across the full range of media, reveals direct marketing methods, including ways to boost direct mail and response advertisements and gives guidance in planning effective sales programs. 202 pages. Heinemann Asia, 2nd edition 1993, P350.00. ISBN# 9971-64-320-0.

AMA Complete Guide to Small Business Advertising

by Joe Vitale. This book is a concise guide to the unique advertising challenges that can make or break your small business. Accessible, straightforward, and packed with practical ideas and examples, this book offers working strategies for increasing advertising effectiveness for your small business. A blockbuster! This book is targetted directly at the small business owner, and offers hundreds of practical ideas that can generate tons of new business. 191 pages. NTC Business Books. P825.00. ISBN# 0-8442-3594-6

How to Win Customers

by Heinnz Goldmann. This completely revised edition will make your selling operation a successful one. It is the most widely acclaimed book on salesmanship in the world, with sales in excess of a million copies. The principles it expounds and the examples it gives are universal. It is rich in sound advice for the experienced salesman as well as for the novice. The book that no salesman, sales manager or sales director can afford to be without. 258 pages. Hawthorn Books, Inc. Publishers 1973. P45.70. ISBN# 971-08-1153-3

Be Your Own Sales Manager

by Alessandra, Cathcart & Monoky. This book puts the most up-to-date management techniques at your fingertips, offering smart strategies designed to give you a competitive edge. Inside are valuable insights on how to manage your time and territory with optimum efficiency and how to evaluate your customers, your competition and your performance to find ways to improve your profit line. Be Your Own Sales Manager is the essential tool for the successful salesperson in the 1990ís. 262 pages. Simon & Schuster, 1992. P345.00.

Pocket Guide to Selling Services & Products

by Malcolm McDonald & Peter Morris. This pocket guide is a cartoon book with a serious message - it explores the world of commercial transactions: selling products & services. It will take the salesperson through the course of the sales process in an informative and entertaining way. It begins by establishing an understanding of customersí needs and moves through getting a appointment to meet them, to the moment when the sale is closed. This book will profit not only sales executives, but everyone. This guide is must for sales, marketing managers and students. 87 pages. Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd, 1995. P264.25. ISBN#0-7506-2641-0

How to Say It Choice Words, Phrases, Sentences & Paragraphs for Every Situation.

by Rosalie Maggio. This versatile easy-to-use guide helps you compose well-written, effective letters in minutes for virtually every business and personal situation. Conveniently organized into 40 topics and completely reproducible, this one-of-a-kind reference contains ready-to-use model letters for almost every occassion. A special thesaurus section included within each topic contains scores of interchangeable key words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs to let you tailor each model letter to the style you wish to convey. 433 pages. Prenice Hall,1990. P515.00. ISBN# 0-13-424375-7

 Sell to Giants
Selling to the Giants

by Jeff Davidson. Why are large corporations looking for qualified suppliers? Where can you find assistance in marketing your products to them? How can you crack the corporate maze and take the mystery out of calling on corporations? How can you tap into the needs of buyers? What strategies work best when making onsite visits? What are the elements of the new partnerships between large corporations and small business? What steps do progressive corporations take to help small vendors? 195 pages. Heinemann Asia, 2nd edition 1993. P327.75. ISBN# 9971-64-314-6

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