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 Highway Engineering, 6th edition
Highway Engineering, 6th edition

by Paul H. Wright .While giving appropriate emphasis to fundamentals of highway engineering design, the author and his colleagues have attempted to include materials in areas of emerging significance. The material on computer applications in highway engineering has been made a part of the chapter on geometric design of highways. A new chapter on roadside design has been added. The chapters on highway materials, flexible pavement design, and concrete pavements have been thoroughly edited and updated. 680 pages. P1200 - hardbound. John Wiley & Sons, 1996. ISBN# 0-471-00315-8

 Structural Analysis  Structural Analysis

by Russell C. Hibbeler. This book is intended to provide the student with a clear and thorough presentation of the theory and application of structural analysis as it applies to trusses, beams, and frames. Emphasis is placed on developing the student’s ability to both model and analyze a structure. In this the revised third edition, slight improvements and necessary corrections have been made throughout the book, additional photos have been added, and some pages have undergone a re-compositon. A chapter on cables and arches has been added. Particular attention has been given to numerical accuracy and clarity in both defining and developing the concepts. Most of the problems in the book depict realistic situations encountered in practice. Both SI and FPS units are used throughout the book. The book consists of 15 chapters - 6 covering analysis of statically determinate structures and 5 on statically indeterminate structures. Includes 3-1/2” diskette. 729 pages. P1180.00 - paperbound. Prentice Hall International, Inc., 1997. ISBN# 0-13-617671-2.

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