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How to Say It Best: Choice Words, Phrases, & Model Speeches for Every Occasion

by Jack Griffin. How to Say It Best gives you a wide choice of words, phrases, sentences, and whole paragraphs for 39 different speech-giving occasions to help you best express what you want to say - along with one or more sample speeches for each occasion you can follow as models. Whether youÕve been asked to give an impromptu speech by your boss or youÕre making an important business presentation, this book makes it easy to deliver your speech with complete confidence and really shine. 339 pages. Prentice Hall, 1994. P603.50. ISBN# 0-13-435322-6

 101 Best Businesses to Start
In Search of the Perfect Job

by Clyde Lowstuter & David Robertson. By far the most complete, practical book for job seekers. A hands-on manual for every stage of your job search: developing career options, writing a knock-out resume, locating the perfect employer, interviewing powerfully, negotiating effectively plus 12 proven steps for getting the job you really want. 320 pages. McGraw Hill, Inc. 1992. P98.00. ISBN#971-08-5662-6

175 High-Impact Cover Letters

by Richard Beatty. The definitive guide to maximum-strength application letters-revised, updated, and supercharged. The book arms job seekers with an arsenal of highly effective professional cover letter models that, with minor modification, can be rapidly deployed as needed. With step-by-step instructions and a wealth of sample letters, this book shows you how to prepare a well-written, professional document that will help you land the interview everytime. With this guide, you can make sure employers will be eager to turn to your resume after reading through your cover letter. 240 pages. John Wiley & Sons, 2nd edition 1996. P372.75. ISBN# 0-471-12385-4

Conversational Power

by James K. Van Fleet. This powerful guide gives you the proven techniques of using Òconversational powerÓ to control the behavior of other people in hundreds of business and social situations. In an instant, you can get anyone to do what you want, when you want - and do it gladly. The guide shows you how to gain the full support and respect of other people, silence criticism and overcome resistance to your ideas, deliver a speech like a veteran platform professional, make new friends quickly, speed your carreer advancement and much more. 297 pages. Prentice Hall, 1984. P345.00. ISBN# 0-13-529637-4

The Classic Guide to Better Writing

by Rudolf Flesch & A.H. Lass. The book that has taught millions the art of writing well! Fifty years ago this book was written to teach people how to write more effectively. A half-century later, skilled and novice writers alike continue to rely on this timeless reference. With this book, everyone can learn to express themselves on paper. Many examples and exercises guide you through the writing process: getting started, organizing your ideas, connecting your ideas, choosing the right tone, making your meaning clear, giving your writing flair and punch and using correct grammar. 288 pages. Harper Collins Publishers. P258.75. ISBN# 0-06-273048-7"

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