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Welcome to the World Wide Website of Books for Success. Everyday, thousands of people go to their favorite bookstores with only the subject of the book in mind. They come to scan the shelves hoping to find a book that meets exactly their need. To find the book one needs one has to go through some 500 titles on the subject the bookstore has, usually ending up buying the wrong book.

To put an end to this, RT CADWorks has embarked on an ambitious mission to provide the first free online book description and review service - providing book summaries and book reviews of only the best books in the fields of medicine, management, chemical engineering, interior designing,civil engineering, jobseeking, crafts and hobbies, business, architecture, chess, marketing, business correspondence, speech improvement and many more.

We look at just about every book on these topics and rate them as to their effectiveness in giving immediate improvement or success. Books for Success serves as a book critic, pointing you in the direction of excellent must-have books, so the next time you go to your bookstore you know exactly what to ask for.

If you are a publisher and would like us to feature your book, just send us a copy of your book for our evaluation. We must tell you however that only those books that pass our rigorous screening will be included in this site.

We stock and sell the books we rate as excellent. And as a convenience to readers from the Philippines, bookshoppers can buy books from National, Goodwill, C&E, Linar and Macromind through this site at specially arranged low prices anytime of the day, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We have links also with four of the world's largest bookstores - Barnes & Noble,, and Books online - so if you can't find a particular book you want in the local bookstores, we can help you.

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