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Position after 12...Kd6 13.Nb5+ Kxe5 14.Bd4+

FIG. 21

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After 9.Nb5 Rb8 comes 10 Nxe5 e6 11.Nxc7+(11.Nxa7) Ke7
12.Be3 b6 (12...Nc6) 13. Rd1 Bb7 14.Bg5 Bc6(14....Bd5) 15.Na6(Carr considers 15. Nxc6+ Nxc6 16.Bb5 Rc8+ as unclear)15...Rc8 16.O-O Be8 17.Rc1 Nc6? 18.Be2 h6 19.Bd2 Bd7 20.Nxd7 Kxd7 21.Bb5 Ne4?? 22.Bxc6+ Rxc6 23.Nb8+ Kc7 24.Bf4+

FIG. 22

14...Bc6 is probably best for black although here black lost
to white on tactics.