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<bgsound src="claire.mid" loop=infinite>  Chemistry, 5/e by R.Chang
Chemistry, 5th edition

by Raymond Chang. Learning chemistry is a cumulative process that begins most comfortably in familiar surroundings. Thus, this text opens with a scientific look at the macroscopic realm of atoms and molecules, which opens the way for the discussion of chemical properties and relationships and the mechanisms of chemical change. The development of problem-solving skills have always been a major objective of this text, and this edition provides many opportunities to hone those skills. At the end of each chapter you will find a list of key terms with page reference so that students can review definitions in context, plus review questions and problems. 994 pages. Mc-Graw Hill Inc., 1994. P780 - paperbound. ISBN #0-07-113243-0.

 General Chemistry : Principles and Modern Applications  General Chemistry : Principles and Modern Applications

by Petrucci and Hardwood. The text examines a wide range of reactions - both as they occur in the laboratory and in the world outside the laboratory - and the chemical principles that underlie them. Also, the text serves to sharpen student skills in problem solving and critical thinking. The typical student needs help in identifying and applying principles and in visualizing their physical significance. The pedagogical features of this text are designed to provide this help - important concepts, summary, glossary, are you wondering corner, illustrative examples, practice problems, end-of-chapter exercises, feature problems and end-of-chapter essays. 989 pages. 7th edition , Prentice Hall, 1997. P980 - hardbound. ISBN# 0-13-533498-5

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