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 Algebra and Trigonometry
Algebra and Trigonometry

by Max Sobel and Norbert Lerner. This book has been written to provide the essential concepts and skills of algebra, trigonometry, and the study of functions that are needed for further study in mathematics. Since calculus is a subject students stude after this course, a special emphasis is given to the preparation for the study of calculus. One of the major objectives of the book is to help you make a comfortable transition from elementary mathematics to calculus. Within each chapter there are exercises, margin notes, caution items, illustrative examples, written assignments, challenges and a brief set of critical questions that encourage you to think critically. The critical questions require higher-order thinking skills and do not depend on the routine application of basic skills. 778 pages not including appendices. Simon & Schuster, 1998. ISBN 981-4024-60-0. P550.00 - paperbound.

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